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    gen-mgt-admin, HR & Administration

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Career Objective

A position as “HR & Admin Manager”/“Human Resources & Admin Supervisor/Executive Secretary/Administration Secretary”/“Operations Coordinator/Business Analyst” in any local business body or multinational organization with ability to work with senior management to integrate the organizational development and human resources function within the overall business strategy

Work Experince

2019 - continue

Ornate Security Services Limited

Senior Manager (Operations & Admin) Ornate Security Service Limited Company Location: Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh Department: Security Operations Duties/Responsibilities: Duties and responsibilities as Senior Manager (Operations & Admin) 1. Recruitment 2. Training 3. Conduct of Operational activities 4. Administrative Responsibilities 1. Recruitment related responsibilities: a. To arrange necessary publicity (online/offline) for candidate sourcing in order to ensure availability of adequate numbers of candidate for short-listing and interviewing for the sake of recruitment of quality full security guard as per customer requirement. b. Aiming to boost-up and uphold company-goodwill; always, to try to recruit good quality security guard. c. To conduct interview session for recruitment of Security Supervisor, MLSS, Cleaners, Security Guards etc. d. To sign-off all the recruitment documents and letters in order to complete recruitment process. e. To ensure issuance of uniform for newly recruits and arrange to send them to training centre. 2. In-service Training related responsibilities: a. Responsible for chalking out training schedule and conduct training accordingly thru company assigned trainer (X-Army Personnel) for new recruits. b. Arrange and conduct post-training interview for new recruits. c. On completion of post-training interview; to sing-off on Deployment Documents and arrange transportation to send the new recruits to S/he’s permanent Post. d. To keep monitoring on smooth arrangement of boarding and feeding of new recruits. 3. Operations related responsibilities: a. Responsible for conducting whole operational activities of Ornate Security Services Limited. b. To hold operational coordination meeting with the Area Managers time to time and as and when required to instruct about operational activities as per the raised situation. c. Responsible to chalk-out Weekly night patrolling program. d. Arrange to make and issuance of all necessary documents related to New Post inauguration. e. To ensure deployment of security personnel, MLSS, Cleaner as per date of deployment usually mentioned in the Work Orders. f. To update Security Director regarding daily operational activities even in need group MD to apprised in regard to most important issues. g. To be updated thru Area Supervisors about day & night patrolling on daily basis. h. Responsible to take disciplinary action against the security personnel according to incident reports submitted by concerned Area Supervisors & Area Managers. i. To hold Weekly Operational Coordination Meeting with the Area Managers and Area Supervisors in need. j. In order to uphold a fruitful business relation; always to maintain a effective communication and coordination with them clients. k. To visit the vulnerable posts randomly and instruct the concern Area Managers on finding of irregularities. l. Put emphasis on market intelligence thru deployed security personnel in the existing several posts of banks to collect information in regard to opening of new bank branches, ATM, FT etc. and assert maximum effort in order to capture those posts to increase business volume. m. Always to keep company profile updated. n. Responsible to prepare for “Deed of Agreements” with new clients and renewal of “Deed of Contracts” with existing clients. o. To take necessary measures in order to keep updated company’s SOP always. p. Arrange to keep company’s service vehicle always “in moving condition” to be used in operational purpose as and when required. 4. Administrative responsibilities a. To sign-off and maintain Staff Attend Register on daily basis. b. To take all the necessary administrative measures in order to smooth running of security service operations. c. To arrange procurement and issuance of company uniform and related accessories for security guards and others like Gunman, Supervisor, Cleaner, MLSS etc thru store-inventory system. d. Responsible for approving staffs’ leave application and maintaining leave register of the same. e. Responsible for ensuring of collect and verification of staff attendance prior to finalization of monthly Payroll. f. In the cases of termination/resignation cases; monitor to complete the process including exit-interview. g. To visit the Archive room time to time in order to ensure whether Personnel and Admin files are kept and maintained in proper way. h. To conduct and completed appraisal process (Annual Confidential Report) of all the department staff by end of the year. i. To hold unscheduled meeting with the department staffs, with other department, with upper management as per operational requirement. j. Responsible to ensure delivering any services related to operations and admin as and when required.
2015 - 2018

Axiom Telecom LLC

Operations Coordinator -cum-Business Analyst Axiom Telecom LLC Company Location : Dammam, Saudi Arabia Department: Retail Operations Duties/Responsibilities: Duties and responsibilities as Retail Operations Coordinator-cum-Business Analyst  To attend Retail Team Weekly Meeting in order to write MINUTES of Meeting  To send Daily Sales report in SMS format to RSM  To send Daily Sales Report Update-DSR to all concerned  To send (MTD) Daily Sales & Stock in Hand Report to RSM  To send Weekly Brand wise Comparative Analytical Report in terms of Sales & SOH - to all concerned  To send Weekly Location Wise Sales& SOH – RSM  To send Weekly Ageing Report - Location Wise Sales & SOH to RSM  To send Weekly (UPDATED) Dashboard (Scorecard) to RSM  To send Weekly Mystery Shopper Score Report to RSM  To send Weekly Vacant RRF list to the Country Manager  To compose (prepare) and circulate Departmental Weekly News Letter  To send Monthly Interlock Report to RSM  To prepare and send Monthly Staff Attendance Report to RSM  To prepare Quarterly Performance Evaluation (Traffic Light) for management review  To make and send Daily Accessories Ration Analysis Report  To make and send VAS Ration Analysis Report  To complete departing staffs' final checklist process in HRMS  Mystery Shopper : Staff Location update or changes-area structure on daily basis
2006 - 2015

Axiom Telecom LLC

Human Resources & Admin Supervisor Axiom Telecom LLC Company Location : Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Department: HR Duties/Responsibilities:  Reporting to Country Human Resources Manager for providing complete & efficient jobs of aspects related to Human Resources, Admin, Recruitment & Personnel affairs.  To supervise completion of recruitment process for the positions of Grade 3 to 11 as per ISO and company policy.  Source out candidates (bulk) for less than Grade 12.  Responsible to organize interview sessions for selected candidates.  To maintain always updated Recruitment Tracker to produce on asking by management.  Responsible to maintain monthly Turn-over (Attrition) report.  Preparation of Manpower Planning (Budget)  Preparation of Manpower forecast.  Preparation of Recruitment Report.  Travel Coordination Report  Recruitment Expense Report  Staff Medical Insurance Report  Lost Ratio Report  Responsible to maintain Post Recruitment Review report and post recruitment review during probation end time.  Responsible for coordination of induction training with Training dept.  Responsible to maintain Quarterly Staff Analysis Report.  To conduct exit-interview for the leavers.  To maintain updated vacancy list always.  Responsible to process staff clearance.  To coordinate Annual Performance Appraisal.  To deliver all employee related requests for a better communication and adherence to Axiom HR & Admin policies of leave, attendance, disciplinary actions, grievances, coordinating and summarizing of exit-interviews for effective feedback to the management for analysis and continuous improvement.  To compose independently all kinds of English Correspondences like Memos, Letters, Reports, and Graphs & Computerized Presentations.  To prepare Salary Certificates, Letters to Banks, all Correspondences related to staff for ensuring a satisfied workforce and helping them in smooth bank transfer of salaries, administrative procedures required for daily personal and official reason in work life.  To prepare SLA (Service Level Agreement) for every Gregorian month on regular basis.  To ensure usage of ISO forms in the case of all transactions.  To prepare all official documents related to staff increment, promotion, termination and other documents for a better communication system in Administration. Acting as an important chain between management and staff in order to maintain congenial working atmosphere.  To communicate monthly Payroll transactions (Leave Applications, Duty Resumption Notifications etc.) to Payroll section in order to reflect in Monthly Payroll on regular basis across the month.  To maintain and keep updated Employee Master List always.  To main Monthly Employee Attendance Sheet in coordination with Reception and IT staffs and send to Payroll section in order to reflect to (Payroll).  To maintain, coordinate & accomplish all the aspects related to employee business trip like flight reservation in coordination with assigned Travel Agent to issue Travel Order for Air-ticket issuance. Arrange of hotel reservation for the Axiom staffs in bound to Al Khobar from out of KSA (Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain) and other city of KSA.  To collect Credit Suppliers’ Invoice on monthly basis and forward to Finance dept for payment after a thorough check-up whether discrepancy between Axiom’s requests and submitted claim (Invoice)  To scrutinize Business Trip Expense Claims whether the claims raised as per policy.  To coordinate and maintain all the aspects related to local recruitment like providing of necessary prescribed forms to the selected candidates, collect all the employment documents for the candidates as per ISO requirements, make Employee Service Contracts, complete the file by maintaining proper procedure and approval, send the complete file to HO to include to Payroll and update Master List accordingly.  To main & keep the personnel files always updated.  To control & distribution of office-stationeries, maintaining require level of stock for efficient operational needs.  To prepare the Petty Cash Claims as per departmental requirements  To maintain updated information about employees’ accruals in coordination with the Payroll.  To maintain Hard File (subject wise) as requirement of ISO compliance.  To distribute tasks of Govt. Relation Representatives as per advice of HR Manager  To monitor work performance of HR Assistants.  Responsible for ensuring departmental confidentiality.  To provide every secretarial support to Regional HR Manager’s Office
2001 - 2006

Al Riyadh Co. for Maintenance & Operations Ltd

Senior Admin Secretary ARCO Ltd Company Location : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Department: Operations Duties/Responsibilities: • Directly accountable to the Administration Manager for provision of a complete, efficient secretarial service to the Arco Management. • Independently preparation of Professional Letters, Memos, Reports, Graphs, Computerized Presentation in MS – Power Point. • General Personnel duties (i.e. preparing contract for new employees, maintain dbase system, computing of Accrued leave, Leave-in-lieu, Air ticket entitlement etc.) as directed by Personnel Services Manager. • Provide all aspects of Administration and secretarial support as directed by the Admin Manager. • Primary duties include typing, dictation, Photocopying, distribution, & maintenance of filing system. • Responsible for ensuring updating and safekeeping of company Master Filing System on a daily basis • Supervision of subordinate’s secretarial/clerical work processing/typing and reception staff as directed by Administration Manager. • Responsible, under supervision of Admin Manager for ordering, receipt and control of Head Office Stationery supplies, maintaining required level of stock of efficient operational needs. • Responsible for ensuring acceptable levels of cleanliness and safety, plus economic use of utilities in Head Office, TCN staff accommodation villas. • Assist Admin Manager in all administrative matters associated with ARCO HQ. • Responsible for paper work to recruit manpower form Philippine, Bangladesh, India & UK under supervision of Admin Manager. • Responsible to prepare monthly report for the office of company Chairman. • Forwarding the company mails to all sites and Clients in and out of the Kingdom via DHL. • Inform the recruitment agents about their selected applicants & do arrangement for their speedy mobilization. • Provide every secretarial support to the Office of Technical Sales Engineer. • Routine filing and documents processing. • Assisting the Telephone Operators when required. • Responsible for coordination between Company Management & compatriots. • Provide every secretarial support for Company Doctor (ARCO CLINIC). • Perform other related jobs as and when required.
1998 - 2001

Hattan Development Co. Ltd & Arabian Anwar Co. Ltd

Secretary-cum-Data Entry Operator & Secretary-cum-Accounts Assistant Duties/Responsibilities: • Drafting & typing letters, Fax messages, Financial Statement & writing Internal Memos. • Filing all incoming and outgoing correspondences, handling office stationery requirement & office equipment. • Taking dictation and transcribing those to & coordination with Operations dept. arranging meetings appointments of higher authorities. • Maintaining proper filing and travel arrangement of company Executive Personals as and when required • Processing necessary paperwork for employee going for vacation, follow-up with Personnel dept. for exit-re-entry visa in Passport, booking tickets& keeping all in personal files of employees. • Receiving parcels pouch DHL and dispatching to the concerns. • Maintain timing spreadsheets of employees. • All Sorts of help to the management keeping the work report. • Provide a full range of secretarial & administrative services. • Responsible all other related job as and when required
1991 - 1998

AVIS Hala Company Limited

Secretary-cum-Date Entry Operator Duties/Responsibilities: • Responsible for independently preparation of Professional letters, Memos, Reports, Graphs, computerized Presentation. • Reporting to the General Manager & Chief Accountant and managing the administrative and financial functions of GM and Chief Accountant Office. • Assisting the Admin & Accounts dept. personnel in their day-to-day functioning and maintaining the confidentiality of the office. • Liaison with top level management while dealing with routine job. • Handling all the documents for approval and setting up priorities. • Handling complete procedure of procurement with relation to petty cash. • Collection & payments. • Provide every secretarial support to GM & Chief Accountant Office. • Maintaining a good filing system for Cash issue, Internal Purchase, Financial Transaction (Petty Cash), incoming & outgoing faxes & correspondences. • Handling & preparing summary of incoming documents and diverting that to the respective areas if urgent action has to be taken. • Maintaining schedule + diary, fixing appointments, arranging Minutes of meeting and receiving visitors etc. • Reminding schedules and acts as per Boss instruction. • Preparing delivery notes and invoices. • Supervising the Reception & Jr. Secretarial personnel. • Responsible for typing, Monthly Reports, Sales Reports, Letters and Memos. • Perform all other related job as and when required.
1988 - 1990

Bangladesh Rural Development Board

Accountant Duties/Responsibilities: Worked as Upazilla Accountant in and was responsible for maintaining Cash Book, General Ledger, Subsidiary Ledger, Trial Balance, P & L A/c as well as Balance Sheet etc.









Professional Skills Certifications

Course Name: Type Writting

Institute: Standard Training Centre Duration: 6 months

Course Name: Type Writing

Institute: Standard Training Centre Duration: 6 months

Course Name: Computer Operating Program

Institute: Modern Training Duration: One Year

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