Cutting In Charge

Company: Hossana Resource

Vacancy: 1
Deadline: 19 March 2021
Salary: Negotiable
Location: Dhaka
Education Qualification: HSC
Experience: 0-1 Year(s)

Job Responsibilities

  • Maintain the SOP of cutting strictly.
  • Develop the Team and Lead them for the smooth operation of the Cutting.
  • Maintain 100% Compliance at Cutting operation and Department.
  • Received the Fabrics/ Rib and Others items from the Store as per consumption.
  • Differentiate the Fabrics as per Quality segregation.
  • Cross Check the QC report with the physical receiving.
  • Obtain the QC approval for the Sample/Size and Bulk Cut according.
  • Make the Cutting Plan as per Quality segregation.
  • Ensure the Relax as per type of Fabrics.
  • Lay inspection - Marking and Cutting the Fabrics accordingly
  • Fabrics Consumption shall be within the Plan if Cross then take approval from Superior
  • Ensure Numbering are made actually
  • Bundling the cut panel as per Order wise.
  • Line input shall be given as per order - plan-cut.
  • Keep Liaison with concern Merchandiser /PM/ Quality Manager/Factory Head Others for Day to Day work.
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